What does Axiom mean?

Axiom (ax-i-om pronounced ak-sē-əm)

Is a maxim widely accepted on its intrinsic merit.

Because of our real experience working in the largest emergency medical service system in the world, we are able to stand behind our name. We truly are the best at what we do.

When and where is Axiom Medix available?

Our set medics are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our main area of operations are the NY/NJ/CT tri-state area; however, we have the ability to travel anywhere.

Do we need to provide insurance for you?

Absolutely not. Axiom Medix is a registered Limited Liability Corporation that is fully insured for malpractice and liability. Hiring Axiom Medix LLC for your on-site set medics is the only “insurance” you need.

What are your prices?

Axiom Medix understands that some days, wrap time comes hours after it was supposed to. Because of this ever adapting environment, Axiom does not have an overtime policy. We have a flat rate that does not deviate on the amount of hours worked. We do require a minimum of four hours a day, and we have a four hour minimum if your event is canceled within 24 hours. An official invoice will be sent out at the end of each week or when the client requested to receive it. We also offer special rates for when more than one set medic is required.

Please request a quote to get the most competitive rates around!

I have an event taking place around and in the water, can Axiom help us out?

Axiom Medix has recently added a water component to our services. We now have PADI Rescue Divers on our staff that are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. Here at Axiom, safety is of the utmost importance; being such, our water rescue crew consists of two PADI Rescue Divers and one topside medic. Contact us and inquire about our water rescue quotes!

Do we have to worry about scheduling?

Our scheduling is handled internally. This is one HUGE advantage for the client that we have over individual set medics. Rather then schedule numerous individual set medics and have to worry about how many hours they are working and how much overtime you need to pay, it is as simple as calling Axiom Medix. When you deal with us, let us know the duration of the event and hours per day and you are finished worrying about set medics for your event.

What level of training does the staff at Axiom Medix have?

Every single set medic at Axiom Medix is certified at the Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (Paramedic) level and has training above and way beyond that of a normal paramedic. We not only have the certifications, but we have the experience to back it up. On top of normal paramedic training, our employees have direct knowledge of Hazardous Materials, Rescue Operations and Incident Command to name a few.

How many set medics come to our event?

Normally we have one set medic on site at a time. However our recommendations may change dependent on the size and type of event.

What does Axiom Medix do when they are here?

Once we are at your event, our set medic will be stationed exactly where your planning supervisor asks us to. This allows everyone at the event to know where we are at all times. Axiom Medix will be standing by at all times if there is a medical emergency or injury. We are also able to provide consultation for any scene involving emergency operations.

What equipment is brought with you?

Our set medics arrive to your event with a wide array of medical supplies. We have fully stocked first aid kits containing oxygen, vital sign diagnostic tools and trauma supplies.

How do your employees come to my event?

Our staff shows up presentable and professional. Each set medic comes to your event in an Axiom Medix uniform. Our uniform is designed with the clients in mind. We are aware that certain lighting can be too reflective off of the normal white set medic clothing. This allows the set medic to standby close to the set to jump in at a moments notice if necessary.

Are contracts available?

If your event or set would like us to operate with a contract, we will tailor one to fit into your particular event.

How do we pay for your services?

At Axiom Medix LLC, we accept Cash, Check, Money Order, and credit cards through PayPal **

**Payments made thru PayPal are subject up to a 3% processing fee

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